Teamsters leader accused of intimidating voters

The industrial row is seen as a test case in California, where Teamsters boss James Hoffa has accused Toll of engaging in a vicious campaign of intimidation.North America correspondent Craig Mc Murtrie reports from Los Angeles.Burriss wrote checks from the pension fund totaling 0,000 and issued those checks to himself and others, and stole 0,000 from the union's operating fund.Read entire article DC union president convicted and faces 183 years in prison - The Heritage Foundation’s Scribe Blog reported on Dec.The union on Tuesday agreed to federal mediation after polling its membership, but the strike will continue until an agreement is reached, said Will Petty, spokesman for Teamsters Joint Council 25, an affiliate of Local 727.

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The meeting is the latest round in a bitter struggle over Toll's treatment of the American drivers who voted to join the Teamsters last month.6 that an investigation led to the conviction of the president of the National Association of Special Police and Security Officers union. C., was found guilty after a jury trial on 18 counts related to his theft from the union pension fund and treasury account.The union, which Burriss also founded, represents private security guards assigned to protect federal buildings in the metropolitan Washington area.Calling the allegations "absurd and just a ploy to stir controversy and create distraction," Parsons said Coke intends "to get the truth out" because the company has "yet to see any proof behind these baseless public attacks."Petty said the union stands by its charges and is in the process of gathering evidence and testimony.In an unusual allegation, the union said workers reported seeing managers walk the shop floors bouncing baseball bats as they asked about contract negotiations."The purpose of them putting out this letter reveals their hand — that they want to divide the membership," Petty said.he presidential election isn’t the only big race to watch this fall.


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