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Mine is Kanojo Tachi no Ryuugi (彼女たちの流儀), or "Their Styles" Genre: Vampire, Incest, Cross-dressing, Eroge(18 ) Year: 2006 Manufacturer: 130cm Usually, vampire eroges have horrible plots. In most eroges, you have to get into somebody's route, start dating, and do other stuff in order to get to the H scene, but this one, you get 3 H scenes within like first 15 minutes of playing.

Games that are focused on H scenes usually don't have good stories, but this one is different.

In the case of Yuri manga and anime, we also have a load of Japanese terms to deal mostly used then the others when relating to any anime or manga. Boys’ Love, also called BL, is much like yaoi and shounen ai, but it’s more like an overall genre when talking about boyxboy .This means there are hints and small scenes of two males’ interactions with one another. It involves more of a story than yaoi itself, if that makes any sense.On this post, I will be covering on the following topics: So, what is a Fujoshi?A Fujoshi is a female (Fudanshi for males) who’s hobbies consists of watching anime and reading manga, but takes a special interest in otome/dating sim games and BL (boys love), also known as yaoi.If you like big boobs, there's the maid and the one with glasses.


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