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The Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence is available for those individuals not covered by the Domestic Violence Injunctions.

An Injunction for Protection Against Dating Violence may be issued against an individual whom you have or have had a romantic or intimate continuing or significant relationship.

This relationship must have existed in the past six (6) months, must have existed over time on a continuous basis and must be described as an expectation of affection or sexual relation.

A parent or legal guardian may obtain an Injunction for Protection Against Dating Violence on behalf of a minor child who is living at home if they have been an eyewitness to, or have direct physical evidence or eyewitness affidavits about the facts which are the basis for the petition.

If a person falling within one of the previous descriptions has committed a crime against you resulting in your physical injury, or that person has placed you in fear with words or physical acts, you may have grounds to ask the court for an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence.

An Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence may be issued if someone has committed two separate acts of violence or stalking, one being within the last six months, against you.

An Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence may be issued against a spouse or former spouse, a person related by blood or marriage, a person which you are presently living with or have formerly lived with as if a family, or against someone with whom you have a child in common, regardless whether you were ever married to that person or lived with them.Meetings are listed first in alphabetical order by city, then by day of the week, then by time of day.If you do not find a face-to-face meeting in your area, we offer telephone and internet-based meetings.His service to veterans, particularly during the county’s "Stand-Downs" for homeless veterans, was also recognized. Wolfinger’s combat injuries were incurred in Viet Nam in 1969.Using lessons learned from that experience, he re-dedicated his life to protecting others from crime and violence, and pursued a life of public service. Wolfinger receiving the award from Commander Bradley Barton, National Commander of the DAV.An Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence may be issued if you are the victim of sexual violence or the parent or guardian of a minor who is living at home and is the victim of sexual violence.


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