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this could just be that jac and audrey were scene queens and upset with not getting the attention they loved (please note, i don’t hate them, they’ve done well for themselves in life and did what it took to get there)so now we’re in 2006. now we’re detouring away from ry for a moment because the introduction of Jon Walker is very important. brent wilson has started to miss shows and his lack of bass skills are showing themselves. jon walker is a superhero and became the new bassist of panic! they were overly affectionate and jac loved to take pictures, so here are a few of thoseanyway, they dated until january 2006. we’ve got over 10 years to go) if you’re a ryden, you’d be interested to know that jac and audrey both said that they broke up with the boys because they preferred to spend time with each other than with their girlfriends. at some point ryan got himself a makeover and started to style his hair into the well loved Ryhawk. everybody was really really fucking pissed off at the video, and he responded to every ask he recieved about it with insults and jokes, clearly upsetting a lot of person told shane they had been abused by their father and what he said really upset them, and this was his reply:(if you have any respect left for shane at this point then please never, ever make any form of contact to me about this because i fucking hate you)on the same day he published this:shane also made a few lovely tweets to/about panic fansgardenburger (from this fandom, hates shane too) was bullied repeatedly by him and received this reply when she pointed it out:shane once compared the fandom to a “bunch of battered women who keep coming back for abuse”, lovely, right?(thank you someone for submitting it:)he also said this, for no reason, to a girl on twitter the other day:this is what shane replied to somebody i am good friends with when they pointed out how hypocrital he was being:this ask too:and this is just fucking insane what the fuck shane:4 - mocking music tastesi don’t think we really paid attention to this at first, but shane has always insulted people on liking music different to the music he likes.after trashing panic!he seemed okay at first, made a few dumb jokes here and there but hey, we can all live with a bit of stupidity. had ever played a show in their lives, never mind had enough fans to play a secret one. notice here the early signs of somebody who mocks self-harm, depression, disorders and people’s problems!he told us he was ryan ross’s best friend and business partner. and even more fat-shaming2 - the promises/liesthis is when shane began to promise new ryan music.The album that he made without the help of the original members became the band’s first US number one, reaching the top five over here, and this weekend he plays two massive shows at Alexandra Palace. I didn’t know what this album was gonna do, I just knew how I wanted it to sound and what I wanted to accomplish.It’s been above and beyond everything I could have imagined,” he says. at the Disco when they arrived in 2005, still in their teens, with a frantic, fun, eventually double-platinum debut album.

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You enter your apartment that you share with your boyfriend, Ryan. You go to stand in front of the door where the music is coming from and say Ryan’s name softly. ” “Because- because I’m not good enough.” His eyes start to well with tears, “I’m not good enough okay. I can’t get this song down I can’t write lyrics I can’t get a band started and I’m not talented enough to do anything on my own.

It was easy to find them irritating from the first look at that band name, its midway exclamation mark sticking up like a concrete bollard designed to obstruct smooth reading of any sentence in which it appeared.

They were tagged as an emo band — the sound of the sensitive, anguished teen — as they had been signed hastily to a record label belonging to Pete Wentz of scene figureheads Fall Out Boy, and dealt in ridiculously wordy song titles. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage.

this probably won’t be completely chronological because shane pussies out every few months, and deletes his blog, leaving us with no dates and not many sources except the combined knowledge of bandom.

(edit: i just realised how much i fuck up spelling this but i wrote it at 4am to 6am in a fit of anger, so forgive me) the ryan ross-specific side of bandom began to notice shane existed in around june, i think.


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