Forefront not updating automatically

You can also configure Forefront Client Security to participate in the Microsoft Spy Net program, which leverages a community of members to quickly spread the word about new threats.

The success of any antivirus or antispyware application depends on robust, up-to-date, and effective definition files.

Configuring this tool to run automatically with Windows Task Scheduler or via a Configuration Manager Status Filter Rule can keep a deployment up to date without continuous and repetitive manual processes.

This example will use local machine as Site Server and use the default Update Filter.

IT pros will be able to delegate control to end users to restart their devices after an update, for instance.The Definition Update Automation Tool can be used to automate the steps required to keep a deployment of Forefront Endpoint Protection update definitions up to date.The tool will download the latest definition update and update the specified software update deployment with the latest definition.For good measure, I stopped both the BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and wuauserv (Automatic Updates) services, deleted the Software Distribution folder from within C:\WINNT, then restarted the services.Going to Forefront and making it check for updates now worked, there was CPU activity from the Ms Mp process, and a minute or so later Forefront was up to date.In the Windows file (C:\WINNT\Windows Update.log) there were the following messages: 2012-02-20 :192 1116 1da4 Misc Validating signature for C:\WINNT\Software Distribution\Downloadce69a27b6ba11fec19bdd99bd4253e2f6584123f31fb0f353dba7c2c1b97b9a1e4ffb: 2012-02-20 :551 1116 1da4 Misc WARNING: Error: 0x800b010a when verifying trust for C:\WINNT\Software Distribution\Downloadce69a27b6ba11fec19bdd99bd4253e2f6584123f31fb0f353dba7c2c1b97b9a1e4ffb 2012-02-20 :551 1116 1da4 Misc WARNING: Digital Signatures on file C:\WINNT\Software Distribution\Downloadce69a27b6ba11fec19bdd99bd4253e2f6584123f31fb0f353dba7c2c1b97b9a1e4ffb are not trusted: Error 0x800b010a 2012-02-20 :567 1116 1da4 Dnld Mgr WARNING: File failed postprocessing, error = 800b010a 2012-02-20 :567 1116 1da4 Dnld Mgr Failed file: URL = ' Local path = 'C:\WINNT\Software Distribution\Downloadce69a27b6ba11fec19bdd99bd4253e2f6584123f31fb0f353dba7c2c1b97b9a1e4ffb' 2012-02-20 :567 1116 1da4 Dnld Mgr Error 0x800b010a occurred while downloading update; notifying dependent calls.


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