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Feydeau’s plot is in fact too complicated — and, on paper, much too boring — to bother summarizing here.Suffice it to say that it involves two fundamental building blocks in classic farce.The second involves a case of mistaken identity: The hubby and the hotel porter look exactly alike.No surprise there, since both characters are played by David Daniel.The first five minutes seemed quite funny with Samuel L.Jackson's narration and the promising all-star cast.

Carl and Jimmy, best friends, walk 70 miles to the mating grounds where the female penguins wait.That’s because Phillip has found the second page of a three-page love note that was accidentally dropped by Linda (Emily K.Buss), the spouse of his business partner Henry Lodge (David Vickers), who is emphatically a cheerful cheater.23 at the company’s Shoppingtown venue), director Dustin Czarny juggles the aforementioned ingredients with a frenzied flourish.Things happen fast at the London flat of Phillip Markham (Jack Sherman), a starchy publisher of children’s books, who wrongly suspects his wife of 15 years, Joanna (Kate Crawford), of committing hanky-panky.When the set design features five doors (one slides, the rest of them slam shut), the cast includes a quartet of ladies, three of whom are occasionally in various stages of undress, and everyone speaks in an English accent (some more successful than others), theatergoers will know they have entered the British sex-farce zone.


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