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If you flip the tables, I doubt you'd be too happy with someone stringing you along because you had a "great personality" and they hope that they may feel someone more for you one day.Have you ever started dating someone you weren't sure you actually liked? ” when you're experiencing this type of relationship.Is it possible to cultivate sexual chemistry, or attraction, for a person that we really like, but aren’t sure if we feel that sexual chemistry with?Attraction is actually much more flexible than we tend to believe it to be.There are many of us who feel that we always fall for the wrong type of person.We wish we could be attracted to that “good” guy or “good” girl, but the thrilling, not-so-good-for-us mates are always the ones that steal our hearts.Of course I still have to be initially attracted to the latter because a physical connection is important to me. He became more human to me as I got to know him, so I became more focused on that than his physical appearance.

I think you're just second guessing yourself now because of the "on paper" stuff. You meet a really decent, genuine person who ticks all the boxes after years of crappy dates and think .

To answer your question, everyone has their own experience of attraction.

For some people it's that instant magnetic "wow", for others it's something that can build as they get to know the person and click on various levels. It sounds like your head was telling you "perfect" but your gut was not on board so you made the right decision for the both of you.

He treats me with such respect and kindness and I now realize that it's sincere (not just a guy trying to get into my pants). I don't want to write someone off just because they don't curl my toes when I look at them, but do I want to spend possibly the rest of my life with someone who reminds me of Ernest Borgnine? Tony: he's not been back to that personals site since Jan 10th and he did not answer that 'bogus' email I sent him, so that's all good.

Lol, I'm sorry but this topic reminded me of when i first met my girlfriend.


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