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It was a charity fundraiser for young Democrats, and though I don't really qualify as "young" and barely make the cut for Democratic, I was determined to show support for my friend (hereinafter known as Jess), so willing and eager to sell herself in the name of politics and charity. You know that thing 20-something's do, where they drink themselves courageous then fling themselves at each other like elk during mating season?

This hub is part of a series on understanding what is a date auction, making the most of date auction rules and preparing to rock the stage so you feel like a million bucks, even if your going rate was . Take a look at Animal Planet, then visit your local watering hole on a Thursday night.

Imagine this scenario: you’ve set up a wonderful profile on your favorite online dating website, complete with a cute photo (yes, somewhat alluring..) and an excellent description of your interests, preferences, hobbies and career goals.

After receiving dozens of “winks,” “nudges,” etc., from potential suitors, you decide it’s time to take the plunge.

After selecting your preferred candidate from the long-list of hopefuls, you arrange a first date.

You’re dreaming big, and you think there’s a chance that this online Romeo might be the one for you. You arrive at the agreed-upon location, perfectly dressed, only to find that the profile provided by your date left out a few important details, namely the fact that he is unemployed, has a history of dramatic breakups and carries more baggage than a rickshaw driver in Thailand.

It’s “the same as with all other goods” they tell me, citing other sites such as where amateurs and professionals sell much harder content.

In fact, far from being a faceless enterprise, PBG prides itself on the personality of its members.

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Having listened to the numerous frustrations and disappointments voiced by both men and women who engage in online dating, the creative minds behind Price have developed a new platform which ensures that both parties find exactly what they are looking for.

At the very least, it can be fun for everyone who participates.

Put the same forethought into planning a bachelor/bachelorette auction as you would a night out when you really want to impress your date, and you can’t go wrong.

The first place to look is within your organization’s ranks.

Are there any single members who would like to participate? If they don’t want to be part of the auction itself, they can always help out in some other way.


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