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Warfarin stops VKORC1 from doing its job, thereby suppressing vitamin K.

The clotting process fails, and bleeds continue to bleed.

She tells me that because she is a “good” Arab, which is to say one who follows no religious restrictions, she is embraced by certain French people with a readiness she finds discomfiting, held up in their minds as a model of “integration,” a word I hear used far more often than “equality.” Through her eyes, I struggle to understand the nuances of a racist society whose structures are completely different than my own.

Recently, France’s Burkini bans — laws prohibiting women from wearing a modest wetsuit and headscarf on France’s beaches — have been the subject of fierce debate at nearly every social gathering I’ve attended.

While the timestamp on the camera says 01-24-13, the date is likely wrong since the video first emerged on May 7th.

Since 1948, people have been poisoning unwanted rats and mice with warfarin, a chemical that causes lethal internal bleeding.

It’s still used, but to a lesser extent, for rodents have become increasingly resistant to warfarin ever since the 1960s.

This is a common theme – humans create a fatal chemical – a pesticide or an antibiotic – and our targets evolve resistance. Ying Song from Rice University, Houston, has found that some house mice picked up the gene for warfarin resistance from a different species. This vitamin activates a number of genes that create clots in blood, but it itself has to be activated by a protein called VKORC1.

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In some cases, French soldiers forced Algerian women to unveil for portrait identifications, which violated local Algerian customs and religious practices.“There are always a couple of people who steal,” he told the documentary.“One steals a pair of trousers, another steals a mobile phone or a bag.A thief with a knife attempts to rob a jewellery store in the Dali Ibrahim area of Algiers.The shop owner resisted, leading to a brutal fight.The suspect has not been officially named but Bild newspaper identified him as Taoufik M, a Moroccan who has lived in Germany for two years.


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